Vitamin C

"Get a grip baby we're no rehearsal
It's not a game, we are not playing virtual"
- From Real Life

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My Opinions and Recommendations

This girl has a dance/pop sound that is occasionally irresistable. Her first CD had a couple big hits on it. Her sophmore album, More, though was not played much by radio. It is still a really upbeat CD that I put on when I am getting ready to go out. I especially like the first track, The Itch. I also really like I Know What Boys Like. Warning: Don't expect deep, profound lyrics from this pop queen, for her, and you, it is all about the fun in doing it.

There are so many pop princess out there lately that you should try if you like Vitamin C. Definitely listen to Britney Spears, especially her second album, Oopps... I Did it Again. Also, try out Bree Sharp, who has a little bit more of a rock sound, but it is stays true to the pop genre. Finally, try Gloria Estefan's album Gloria! In this CD, Gloria does mostly upbeat dance tracks that are great when you are getting ready to go dancing.


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