Vanessa Carlton

"Make me high on lullabies
a melody for me to sway"
- From Sway

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Vanessa Carlton is fairly new to the scene but she is making a name for herself very quickly. She was classically trained, and these influences can be seen throughout most of her pop-style music. I really like her most popular song, A Thousand Miles, and apparently so do a lot of people. I have heard that song play in the background of many a TV ad and promotion. I also really like the last track on the album, Twilight. Her first album, Be Not Nobody is critically acclaimed by almost everyone that listened to it.

I really like her sophmore album too. The first single, White Houses, is great. I also really love the upbeat sound of the song Private Radio, and I can really relate to the lyrics. If you liked her first album, I would suggest you get this one as well. Harmonium shows growth lyrically and instrumentally and the piano is amazing!

Vanessa's most recent, popular counterpart is Michelle Branch. Michelle has been around slightly longer than Vanessa, but the two have similar lyrics and sound. They also look somewhat alike, strangely enough. Michelle's has a little more of a rock edge, but much of the other content is the same. Vanessa also reminds me of Jessica Riddle. Both girls play the piano, although I believe Vanessa plays is much better. Finally, Vanessa reminds me of Heather Nova, who recently came out with a CD, but has been around much longer than Vanessa.

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