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"She's been everybody else's girl maybe one day she'll be her own" - From Girl

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Tori Amos is one of the most original artists around today. Her lyrics are poetry and require a lot of thought and consideration to get their meanings. I have a lot of her albums. I have never gotten to see her perform live, but I would love to. I did see her in person once at a Virgin Music Megastore, she was very pleasant and very short! The first CD of Tori's I bought was To Venus and Back, the double set. One CD has new music and the other had some amazing live songs. My favorites on the new CD were Glory of the 80's and 1,000 Oceans. The latter was on the soundtrack from the movie Here on Earth as well. On the live CD I love the short Mr. Zebra. I wish it went on for longer than a minute and a half. I also really like Girl.

I bought Boys For Pele to use for an assignment in a theater class in college. This album cover shows Tori with a gun on a porch. I feel the picture really sets the tone for the album because it is fairly angry. Throughout the book of the CD there are some really strange and crazy pictures of Tori as well. I play it a lot when I am upset and want to vent. I like Caught a Lite Sneeze and Horses on this album.

Little Earthquakes is Tori's most acclaimed album and I think it is amazing. Her big hit, Silent All These Years is on the CD. If you only buy one of her CDs, this is the one to own. Every song demonstrates Tori's vocal talents and musical wizardry. One of my favorites on the CD is Happy Phantom, which has the same upbeat chords as Mr. Zebra in the live version. I also like China and Tear in Your Hand. This is a fantastic CD and belongs in every music fan's collection.

I found Under the Pink at a used CD store for cheap and was pretty excited. It has a number of good songs on it that I can listen to over and over. I really like Past the Mission, although I haven't yet been able to figure out the meaning of the song. Cornflake Girl, on the other hand, I understand and enjoy. A friend has argued that one of my favorite bands, The Dixie Chicks, are all "Cornflake Girls" and that you can't like them and Tori. I disagree though, and think that there is a place for all these girls in the music business.

Strange Little Girls has a lot of covers on it. The entire album is a statement about gun violece. I find the second track, '97 Bonnie & Clyde, really disturbing, almost to the extent that I can't listen to it by myself at night. My favorites on the album are I Don't Like Mondays and Real Men. Almost every song makes a direct reference to a gun and brings up questions surrounding their repercussions. This just demonstrates how Tori makes smart music and unfortunately forgoes much of the radio play because of this choice.

Scarlet's Walk has a lot of references to September 11th. It also has a lot of references to the history and landscape of America. I really like Wednesday and Taxi Ride. This CD is very soothing and calming but at the same time very depressing if you are listening to what she is saying.

I just adore Tori's album for 2005. I could listen to the songs over and over and still not understand all of their meaning. The CD demonstrates the variety of Tori's music by including both fast and slower songs. My favorites on the album are Ireland and Ribbons Undone, but I highly recommend the entire CD.

Tori is most definitely one of a kind. It is very hard to compare her to any other artist on the market recently, so don't expect any exact duplicates. However you can find some small similarites in certain artists. If you like Tori's messages, Ani Difranco is as politically aware and content centered as Tori. Also try out Heather Nova or Leona Naess. Both of these girls are not known well, but have similar folky and creative styles. Finally, Alanis Morissette toured with Tori. I would have paid good money to see the two artists with pianos across from each other, but I missed the show.

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