Toby Lightman

"You're no less than perfect
But you're more than real
You're untouchable
How does it make you feel"
- from Don't Wanna Know

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My Opinions and Recommendations

I just returned from seeing Toby sing at a small gathering in a Border's Bookstore. The thought that crossed my mind the entire time was, "Why is she here?" Toby has an amazing voice. She writes her own music and plays guitar. She is very talented. I think that there is no where for her to go but up. Off her debut CD, Little Things, I really love the song Everyday. I also like the first single off of the album, Devils and Angels. Toby's CD is really cheap right now, so you should go buy it soon, because the whole thing is wonderful.

If you have already heard Toby (and obviously love her) and want to know who else can sing like her, I recommend Joss Stone. Joss is also a new singer/songwriter who has a soulful voice, similar to Toby's. If you are looking for someone more established, I would try Grammy winner, Shelby Lynne. Finally, compare Toby's more soulful CD with the more rock sounding Beth Hart.

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