Tift Merritt

"Your love’s not sure,
Your heart needs time,
Take all you want
But don't take mine"
- from Wait It Out

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Tift is an independent country/rock artist who does not get much radio play. Her album Tambourine is very good, causing me to wonder why she does not get the time on the radio. She doesn't have incredible twang, which may keep her off the country stations, but she is smooth enough to work well on Top 20 or adult contemporary stations. My favorite song on the album is Good Hearted Man, but I also really like Late Night Pilgrim.

Tift and Sheryl Crow are very similar, especially on Sheryl's Wildflower album. They both pull off a smooth rock that appeals to the masses yet still showcases talent. I think that Shea Segar also has a sound like that of Tift Merritt's. Shea is less known than Tift, however. Finally, listen to Shelby Lynne. Shelby is Tift's twin as far as I am concerned. Shelby had a brief moment of stardom when she won a Grammy but has faded into the background, although her music still rocks.

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