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Just a kid on a corner
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My Opinions and Recommendations

So she is the rival of the 80s pop princess Debbie Gibson (picture the Britney/Christina pairing of the late 80s). She has tried to reinvent herself by releasing a new CD and posing in Playboy. Unfortunately, the latter got her more attention. Off her debut album, Tiffany, she had several hits. My favorites are I Think We're Alone Now and Should've Been Me. If you were a fan of the 80s and you haven't heard this album yet, you need to check it out.

Her most recent release, The Color of Silence, is more grown up, since Tiffany herself has done some growing up. It is a bit edgier and several songs are focused on her anger. I didn't like it as much as her 80s pop, but you might. My favorite songs are Open My Eyes and I Will Not Breakdwon. All of the songs seem to focus on her trying to grow and learn from her mistakes.

If you like Tiffany and want to hear more artists like her, try Stacy Orrico. Stacy is a lot cleaner and less angry than Tiffany, but their voices and sounds are similar. Also, listen to Sophie B. Hawkins. Finally, if you are still stuck in the 80s, and want to know which current pop rival Tiffany resembles, she is definitely closer to Christina Aguilera's sound.

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