Tatyana Ali

"Baby your face takes up my time
cause i can just see your face with mine
i try to change my thoughts
its a waste of time"
- from Daydreamin'

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Yes, it is the girl from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Does anyone remember the episode where her character Ashley became a big star? Well, Tatyana decided to try and make that part of the episode a reality (minus the snob reaction, I hope). Her first CD, Kiss the Sky, produced by her co-star Will Smith, had much of the pop sound found in Britney and Christina's music today. Tatyana came out before these ladies, though, and obviously did not get the same reception. She mixes pop with soul for a Disney-like sound. I really like the tracks Daydreamin' and Boy You Knock Me Out.

Try out Jennifer Paige, if you like Tatyana's sound. Jennifer has less soul but the same pop sound and themes. For more soul and funk, try Erykah Badu. Erykah is also older, and thus has less of a pop sound. Lastly, check out the ever popular Britney Spears. She has the same cuteness appeal of Tatyana. I sometimes wonder why Britney got blessed with radio time, when Tatyana didn't.

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