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"I'm lookin' up for the next thing that brings me down" - From Lookin' Up

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She was voted best new artist at the 2001 Grammy's. This was amusing to many in her camp, because prior to 2001 she had put out many albums. She was hardly new to the scene. I only have her most recent album, I am Shelby Lynne, but I imagine that the rest of her albums have a country sound. This album is a mix between country and rock, though. One of my favorite tracks, Leavin', has a soul sound that is very appealing coming through Shelby's deep voice. I also really like Gotta Get Back.

Shelby's newest album Identity Crisis has a great country/blues feel. It is still great to listen to when you think your life is hard and you want someone to commisserate with. My favorite songs on the album are 10 Rocks and Telephone.

If you like Shelby's style, a similar sound might come from Norah Jones, who has a jazz sound. If you prefer a more independent girl, try Ani Difranco. I think that Shelby Lynne has the same type of rawness as Ani. Finally, give Johnatha Brooke a listen. She is not very well known, but she shares Shelby's mix of rock, folk, and country.

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