Shea Seger

"You said you'd save me but I don't want to be saved
I just want to be loved and to love always"
- From Always

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Shea is not very well known, but her music has the potential to be popular, if she was ever given any radio time. Her music has an original style. My boyfriend says that she has a raspy and harsh voice. As far as I know, The May Street Project is her only CD. My favorite songs off of it are Clutch and Walk on Rainbows. I look foward to seeing Shea do some small independent tours in NYC and seeing her live.

Shea reminds me of a mix of a number of recent artists. One artist is Sarah Mclachlan. Shea is a little more upbeat than Sarah with a slightly less relaxing sound. She shares Jewel's look, and has some lyrics which are similar, but again, Shea has more beat in her songs, as well as some country influences, so she also sounds like Lila McCann. She actually reminds me the most of Natalie Imbruglia, although she may be a little more mellow. I am surprised, with all of her commonalities with popular artists, that we haven't heard more from this young lady.

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