Save Ferris

"When it really doesn't matter what I say
Cause you're never gonna listen to me anyways" -
From Your Friend

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My Opinions and Recommendations

This band has a great rock sound. When you are angry or need to really crank some music, this album is a great choice. Although the band is not entirely female, the lead singer is and manages to hold her own very well. My favorite songs are Turn It Up and Your Friend. I think that the whole CD should be listened through, though because its all-around feel is fantastic. I also saw this group in concert and they are great live, too.

One obvious connection to another band is No Doubt. Both of these bands are led by female singers with ska-rock sound. No Doubt is more well known, but sometimes I wonder why. I would also suggest Bree Sharp. She is more rock than pop. She shares an edge with Save Ferris' lead singer. Finally, try Lava Baby, another small band that has a great, hard sound. With the exception of No Doubt, I have seen them all in concert and they are great shows.

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