Sarah Harmer
"Why do they call it the past
oh, when nothing's passed?"
- From Around This Corner

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Sarah Harmer has a very relaxing, calming sound. She is very folky. I really like Don't Get Your Back Up. It is a great song to listen to when you are having a lot of unnecessary fights with your significant others. I also like Uniform Grey although I haven't quite figured out all of the symbolism and what the lyrics mean yet. I would love to see Sarah Harmer live someday.

If you already like Sarah Harmer's music and would like to hear more artists like her you should listen to Johnatha Brooke. She is also has a great folk sound very similar to Sarah Harmer. The Indigo Girls have the same effect over me that Sarah does, although the Indigo Girls have more numbers that you can sing along to. Finally, you should try Norah Jones. Norah is more jazzy and traditional than Sarah, but both women have beautiful voices with great instruments backing them up.

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