Sara Evans

"What do you do, where do you go
When nowhere feels like home?"
- from Restless

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Sara is a beautiful country girl with major crossover potential onto the pop charts. I really enjoyed her album Restless. It mixed upbeat tunes with sappy love ballads quite well. The CD only made me want to hear more of this country phenomenom. On top of it all, she seems like a genuinely nice person!! My absolute favorite song on the album is Suds in the Bucket. I also really enjoy Perfect and Otis Redding. Go out and have a listen and see if you like her.

If you have already discovered Sara and want to hear more like her, I would initially suggest the pop/country superstar Faith Hill, who invented crossing over to the pop chart. Faith's career has been longer, but I can see Sara lasting quite some time too. If you want to leave the country behind, try Amanda Marshall. Amanda can go from upbeat to slow love with the best of them in a similar manner. Finally for full country listening, try Lila McCann. She is a bit younger but has an amazing spirit.

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