"Wisdom is the flame
Wisdom is the brave warrior
Who will carry us into the sun"
- From Slave Song

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My Opinions and Recommendations

I have only recently been introduced to the fabulous voice that this sultry singer has, although I have been familiar with Smooth Operator for a while. Her music has a calming affect over me, and I can't wait to get more CDs of hers. Sadly, I missed her concert in NYC, but my sister saw her in L.A. and I will quote her as saying "Girlfriend looks GOOD!" Rest assured that she sounds just as good. Her album Lovers Rock is on constant rotation on my stereo. My favorite songs are By Your Side, King of Sorrow, and Lovers Rock, but they are all GREAT! What else can I say? Go get the CD!

A similar style, for a white girl, is Vonda Shepard, who would sound better if she did more of her own songs. Also, Sarah Brightman has a gorgeous voice, but uses it in a different style. Finally, if you are in that mellow mood, try out Jill Scott. Jill has more of a rap sound, but is still great music to chill to.

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