"Pay no more mind to what you think you've seen
It's as they do only"
- From They Say Vision

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My Opinions and Recommendations

One of my favorite things about this artist, is her lyrics. They are wonderfully written. And Res has a very interesting voice that stands out in today's music world. She has her own style, and something tells me that we haven't heard the last from this woman. She definitely exudes attitude in her album. There is not a single song that stands out on the album as being "the best" but there are several very good tracks. I think my favorite is Tsunami, but that may be becuase I identify with it the most. I also really like 700 Mile Situation and Golden Boys.

If you are looking for a sound similar to Res', you can try several different genres. While listening to the album, I thought she had a lot of the loud attitude that Pink has developed recently, so you may want to try her. Also, I was reminded of Jill Scott. Jill is a little smoother and calmer than Res, but they both have a certain groove that is appealing. Finally, try Macy Gray. Macy's voice is very distinctive, similar to Res' and both can create a relaxing, sensual mood.

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