Rachael Yamagata

"The other cities hold a memory still of a place
But, when I dream of London, I can only see your face"
- from I Want You

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Make no mistake, Rachael is not a fleeting pop star. She is pure talent and I think she will be around for quite a while. Her first (and only) album, Happenstance is packed with some pop and some rock and one amazing voice. My absolute favorite on the album, that I have literally listened to more than 100 times, is 1963. It is an amazing, upbeat song. I also really like I Want You and Letter Read. But I can't stress enough that you should buy the whole album.

If you already dig Ms. Yamagata and are looking for more artists like her, I would initially suggest the queen of indie music, Tori Amos. Tori has a lot more albums out, but I see Rachael moving in that direction. I would also suggest Jonatha Brooke, who mixes pop with indie music in a similar fashion. Finally, listen to Heather Nova for a very similar sound and lyric.

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