"Mirror on the wall, damn I sure look fine
I can't blame those horny boys, I would make me mine" -
from Respect

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Pink is one girl out these days that has real attitude. There is no question that she is the real deal. Her music has a harder edge to the pop sound and her voice matches that sound perfectly. Rumor has it that she was upset with the pop/dance sound of her first album and made a conscious decision to step away from that with her other albums. M!ssundaztood manages to do this and the album was a hit with many great singles. My favorites off that CD are 18 Wheeler, which is a great anthem for when you refuse to give up, and Don't Let Me Get Me.

The album trouble continues Pink's great mix of rock and pop. She made an appearance in the Charlie's Angels sequel and I think the part suited her wonderfully. I LOVE the song God is a DJ, it always puts me in the mood to dance. I also really like Walk Away, but you should give the whole CD a listen through once just to see if you have your own personal faves.

If you like Pink already and wish there were more out there like her, you should start with the classic female rocker, Janis Joplin. Both Pink and Janis have a raspy, anger in thier voice that translates throughout their music. Moving a little bit more foward in the time scheme, I would also suggest Blondie, who broke many barriers. Finally, if you must have someone current, try Katy Rose. Katy is an up and comer in the business but her lyrics certaintly challenge people the way that Pink's music does.

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