Paula Abdul

"All the world's a candy store
He's been trick or treatin'"
-- from Cold Hearted

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Another goddess that I could not have lived without in the 80s, she has never had as popular a recieving as Forever Your Girl. That CD has many great hits on it, including Cold Hearted Snake, Forever Your Girl, and Opposites Attract. Unfortunately, Paula has never been as successful as that debut album. She has had a couple semi-popular singles, but other than that, she virtually disappeared from almost all radio and television play. Now she a star on the hugely popular show "American Idol" where she judges other wannabe performers.

Paula can dance just as good as Janet Jackson, although Paula can't match Janet's longevity. Also listen to Paula's fellow singer of the 80s, Debbie Gibson. Debbie's style has a little bit more of a bubble gum sound, but the 80s did produce a lot of this. Lastly, you should also check out Gloria Estefan. Gloria's CD Gloria! has some great dance tracks that are similar to Paula's music.

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