Norah Jones

"Crooked little smile on her face
Tells a tale of grace
Thats all her own
" - from Seven Years

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My Opinions and Recommendations

What is not to love about this beautiful woman with a beautiful voice? Whenever I am stressed out I can put in this wonderful lady's CD on and be taken to a completely different dimension. I wish she had been around when I taught school because she would have made even my 5th graders disappear. She took home practically every single Grammy award in her first year out. That alone should tell you how amazing she is. What else can I say besides buy this woman's album! My favorites on the album are Feelin' the Same Way and The Nearness of You. But once again let me stress that you should listen to the whole CD as quickly as possible and pick out your own favorites.

Norah's second album is just as good as her first one. Her voice is timeless and classic as always. My favorite songs on this album are What Am I To You and The Long Way Home. But once again, the entire album is worth listening too, especially when you start to feel like you can't handle what has been given you.

We all wish there were more artists out there with Norah's originality and depth. She soothes the way that Sarah McLachlan does, but with more originality. She has the depth of Carole King and I think she will be around for just as long as that soul diva has been. Finally, try Holly Cole for a more jazzy sound. But remember that Norah is in a class all by herself.

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