No Doubt

"Don't you think I know exactly where I stand
This world is forcing me to hold your hand"
- from Just a Girl

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My Opinions and Recommendations

This page is about the entire band, although the only WOMAN that rocks is the band's lead singer, Gwen Stefani. If you want to go to her page, as she has come out with her own, solo album, click on her name. The band is amazing. The group, led by Gwen, has a great Ska/pop/rock sound that is infectious. Tragic Kingdom is the album that made the group big, and it has many great singles on it. The best one, and a possible theme song for the Women That Rock site, is I'm Just a Girl. That song just gets me pumped whenever I hear it. Another great song on the CD is Spiderwebs.

Rock Steady was also a very popular album that got a lot of play on the radio. It also has some amazing dance and pop/rock tracks. My favorite upbeat song is Hella Good. The group also mastered a fantasic love ballad that I think hits the important points without being cheezy, which is a hard feat to accomplish, in Underneath it All. Check out the whole CD if you are feeling adventerous, it will get you moving!

If you want to hear more music like No Doubt, first try Save Ferris. They are an extremely similar band with a lead girl who sings ska/pop/rock. Also, listen to Lillix, who leaves out the ska, but does manage to sing a lot of rocking songs. Finally, put Garbage into your stereo and see if you like it. Garbage has a really unique sound that seems similar to No Doubt's.

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