Nellie McKay

"God you went to Oxford, head still in your boxers
But you’re male so what should I expect?
" - from It's a Pose

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My Opinions and Recommendations

I LOVE NELLIE MCKAY!!! She has the smartest lyrics out right now. Every song is full of commentary on topics that are important to society. She is one of the most unique artists to emerge from the millenium. Her two-disc CD, Get Away From Me, has many great songs on it. I really like Sari, especially since I have a habit of apologizing a lot. I also like Ding Dong and It's a Pose. But you should definitely listen to the entire CD at a time that you can listen to what she is actually singing about. Warning: If you are looking for sappy love songs, Nellie is not for you.

If you love Nellie, like me, and wish there were more artists like her, join the club. For substantive lyrics, I suggest Ani DiFranco. Nelly Furtado also has an eclectic sound, although Nellie McKay's is certainly more varied. Finally, Liz Phair might also be enjoyable. Liz's music is varied sounding, and she sings in an amusing way, although she does not sing a lot about society, but mostly about men.

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