Natalie Merchant

"Tell yourself you'll never be like the anorexic beauties in the magazines
Like a bargain basement Barbie doll, no belle du jour, no femme fatale"
- From Tell Yourself

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Natalie was originally the lead singer of the group The Pretenders, but they broke up and she decided to try for a solo career. Her attempts have proven very fruitful. She has an easily recognizable voice that is soothing and deep. I have three of her CDs. The first I bought was her Live in Concert. It has a great mix of a lot of her hits from Tigerlily and some original stuff. It also contains a great cover of Space Oddity that I really like. My other favorite on this CD is Dust Bowl.

Ophelia is a beautiful CD. I saw Natalie perform many of these songs at a Lilith Fair that I went to a few years ago. This CD has a few more pop sounding songs, but there are also many sad, slow songs. I really like Life is Sweet and Break Your Heart. This is probably my favorite of the Natalie CDs that I own.

Motherland shows Natalie growing up even more. My favorites on the album are the bluesy sounding Put the Law on You and the last track I'm Not Gonna Beg. Natalie seems very sad in this CD and thus it is an excellent CD to put in when you are feeling down yourself.

Natalie's voice is so original that it is hard to find other artists like her. Sarah McLachlan has the same calming effect over me that Natalie has when I am doing stressful things like flying or in an airport. Her sound is a mix between blues and jazz and folk. Norah Jones has uses blues and jazz in the same way that Natalie does. Lastly, you need to listen to the great Joni Mitchell who invented the sound that Natalie continues to build on in her music.

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