Natalie Imbruglia

"Stop asking for more,
I'm going home on my own"
- from Leave Me Alone

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My Opinions and Recommendations

This Aussie had one major hit in the ninties and a few smaller ones off of her debut album, but then she seemed to disappear. I really enjoyed the pop sounds of her first CD I really liked One More Addiction and Leave Me Alone off of Left of the Middle.

Her second album was not as popular as her first one, which might be better because I think her first album got played too much and people got tired of it. Her second album is good though, it shows definite growth. I really like Hurricane and Everything Goes.

Natalie's sound is a lot of pop and a little bit of rock. For a little more rock, and a little less pop, you should try Sheryl Crow. For a more modern sound, with more hip-hop to it, check out Nelly Furtado.

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