Michelle Branch

"You saw the beauty in everything, everything and me" - From Sweet Misery

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This girl with a guitar is backed by Madonna's Label, Maverick, along with Alanis Morissette. She has a great rock/pop sound. Her debut album has already been on MTV and appeared on TRL. There is not much more a girl could ask for. Her CD has some great numbers on it. My favorites are You Set Me Free and Here With Me. If you haven't heard her yet, you should definitely check her out.

Michelle's second album is off to as good a start as her first CD. Her lyrics are just as deep and little more real because she has grown up some and now has some actual experience to write about. I saw her open for the Dixie Chicks and she was amazing live as well. One of my favorites is the first single off the CD Are You Happy Now which is very angry. I also like the duet with Sheryl Crow Love Me Like That. If you liked Michelle's first album then the follow-up will not disappoint.

If you have heard her and want more, look into Natalie Imbruglia. Natalie is another young girl who has a rock/pop sound, although she doesn't play the guitar as far as I know. Also try Amanda Ghost's music. They both have a slightly exotic sound that is not heard on the teeny-pop charts much. Finally, go back to the Indigo Girls. They are classic and they play the guitar with great melodies.

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