Meredith Brooks

"Can't you judge me for my love and not mistakes I've made
I swear by who I am and not by yesterday"
- From Wash My Hands

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My Opinions and Recommendations

I saw Meredith open at Alanis' most recent concert and I decided I needed to hear more of her. I bought her older album with the one massive hit on it, Bitch. It is actually far from the best song on the CD. I really like Birthday and What Would Happen much better. Meredith is a woman who is not afraid to rock, so she is great to put on when you are in the mood for that. She also has a tremendous sense of humor and irony in her lyrics which I appreciate in the days of "Hit Me Baby One More Time." She also produced Jennifer Love Hewitt's most recent CD, which is winning more attention than any of her past CDs has.

Meredith's music really reminds me of Daphne Rubin-Vega, but as she doesn't have a CD out that can be bought at a store, I feel I should offer some more recommendations. She opened for Alanis Morissette, and they have a similar lyrical style, although Meredith seems much more loud and angry. You should also listen to the newer Avril Lavigne, who is new to the scene and really hot lately.

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