Melissa Etheridge

"I want you to find me charming and wise
I just want you to find me
Somewhere here inside" -
from Please Forgive Me


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My Opinions and Recommendations

I have to thank my wonderful friend Jason for showing me how talented this lady actually is. I saw her in concert in NYC over the summer and she was amazing. I didn't even know many of her songs and I was still captivated through the encore. Yes I Am is the album that Melissa hit it big with Come to My Window, but that is not even my favorite song on the album. I really like All American Girl and Silent Legacy better.

Each of Melissa's CDs has a different feel to it, so much to the point that you can relate to what she was going through when you listen to the album the whole way through. Your Little Secret is about dealing with other's perceptions and coming to terms with yourself. It is pretty empowering. I really like the popular track I Want to Come Over and I Really Like You. But the song Shriner's Park has some amazing lyrics that paint an extremely vivid picture.

I think that Skin is my favorite album of Melissa's. She has had her heart broken and is learning to love again. The sound is really refreshing and vulnerable. It has a slightly less hard rock feel and concentrates more on the ballads without getting soggy and sappy. I like the first single I Want to Be in Love that had Jennifer Aniston in the video, but my favorite song is Heal Me. This was the song she closed with when I saw her live and I was blown away by it then and still am every time I listen.

I really like the upbeat sound of Lucky. Melissa has clearly found love and is happy to be there. This album has a lot of great songs. I really like This Moment and Secret Agent. Also, the song Tuesday Morning is a really interesting commentary about society and one of the heroes from September 11th. You should definitely listen to it as well.

If you are looking for a woman that rocks with a similar sound to Melissa you should try Meredith Brooks. Meredith has a hard sound similar to Melissa but also pulls off the pop sound. Meredith may be slightly more angry than Melissa, especially when compared with Melissa's Skin album. You could also listen to the ever popular Sheryl Crow. Both women have a country sound without being too twangy. Both women clearly know how to rock. Finally, you should listen to No Doubt's Gwen Stefani. This may seem like a strange comparison, but both women appeal because of their strength of heart that is so evident in their songs. No Doubt may be a bit to poppy for many Melissa fans, but if you don't mind some pop with your folk, give Gwen's No Doubt a try and see if you can hear the similar themes.

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