Mandy Moore

"It isn't easy, hearing what they say
Sometimes you've got to take a leap of faith"
- from 17

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Mandy has grown up a lot from her first album where she emerged as yet another Britney Spears. She has changed her hair color a few times and her newest album, Coverage shows a more adult Mandy Moore. She was transitioning her self-titled, 2nd album. I bought the CD because I loved the song Crush, it is so cute and the mood reflects how you feel when you are crushing on someone. The rest of the album has a good sound too... My second favorite song is Yo-yo.

Coverage is a great CD. It is a lot of older songs that Mandy has redone. Her version of Have a Little Faith in Me is as good as the original. I also really like Senses Working Overtime and Drop the Pilot. If you aren't a modern pop fan, you should still give this CD a try and you might become a Mandy Moore fan too!

If you already love Mandy and you want to hear more artists like her you should start with her pop princess counterpart, Jessica Simpson. Jessica has done some growing up as well recently and both women are setting themselves apart from the mainstream. You should also listen to the country-turned-pop singer, LeAnn Rimes. She has vocal abilities that match Ms. Moores. Finally, listen to the 80s pop princess, Debbie Gibson. Debbie has recently switched to a Broadway like sound, and Mandy has a great Broadway voice. I would love to see her on a stage in a play!

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