"Express yourself don't repress yourself" - from Human Nature

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This woman needs no introduction or special colors. She is the queen. Everyone in the world knows her name. She is amazing. She once claimed on American Bandstand that she was going to "rule the world" and she does rule the worlds of fashion, music, and entertainment today. I loved her 80s songs, especially the entire True Blue album. I memorized the cassette when I was ten. I danced and danced to this album. It takes me back to my childhood. My favorites are Where's the Party and Jimmy Jimmy.

The Immaculate Collection is by far my most played Madonna CD. It is such a great collection of all of her early hits. I really like Cherish and Vogue. And the new track, Rescue Me is also fabulous. This is always a great mix to put in if you are having a party because almost everyone can find something to love on this CD.

Bedtime Stories is a smooth, erotic album that is not as in your face as Erotica. It has some really sweet songs on it like Sanctuary and Secret. On this album Madonna hints at sexuality without seeming desperate and crude. One of my all time favorite Madonna songs, Human Nature, is on this album. It is the only rough and tough song on the CD. If you skipped this CD because of Madonna's reputation when it came out, you should definitely go back and revisit it.

Madonna came out with the album I'm Breathless as a soundtrack for the movie Dick Tracy. I have yet to see the movie, but the music does make me curious. This album is very show-tuney, although Madonna never fails to put her own twist on the genre of music. I really like Now I'm Following You (Part II) and Vogue is one of my favorite songs of Madonna's of all time.

I think that Erotica is Madonna's best album lyrically. So many lines throughout have double entendres and questionable meanings. It is also her most controversial album, and I can see why. I would not want children to hear some of these songs. If you are a consenting adult though, I believe you will find a lot to love about this suggestive CD. I really like Fever, which gives Madonna a sweet sound. Thief of Hearts, another favorite of mine, is anything but sweet though.

Something to Remember shows Madonna's softer side. All the songs are slow ballads about love and the loss of it. It came out to help her transition to a more mature artist. My favorites on the album are Rain and the Orchestral version of I Want You. I put this CD on when I want to calm down from a crazy day.

Madonna changed her whole style with the introduction of Ray of Light. She used the techno music she was hearing in dance clubs to create a new dance/pop sound. Her name was once again on the tip of everyone's tongue for being cutting-edge mainstream. Ray of Light has a really unique sound that no other artist has come close to matching, although a lot are trying these days. I really like Nothing Really Matters and The Power of Goodbye.

I saw Madonna's Drowned World Tour and the playlist pretty much consisted of the songs from GHV2. The only song not found on other Madonna CDs is Beautiful Stranger, from an Austin Powers movie. A few of the songs on this album are different edits of songs, but mostly the album is her big hits from the second half of her career.

The album Music brought her back into mainstream pop music after all her wild adventures. This CD is full of strong lyrics that suggest that Madonna is happy with where she is in life. The album has a little techno sound, but not as much as Ray of Light did. My favorites are Impressive Instant and What It Feels Like for a Girl.

American Life showcases Madonna's ever changing style and issues. It is a very honest CD that has lyrics that discuss much of the pop diva's personal issues. It is very different from what is typically being played on the radio today... mostly because Madonna has such name power that she can do whatever she wants and people will listen. My favorites on this album are American Life and X-Static Process.

As for others like her, they are big shoes to fill. Janet Jackson, her undeclared rival, is obviously the present day one. I almost hate to say it, but with Britney Spears' new album, Britney's music may be branching out enough to be comparable to the queen of women's music. Because Madonna got a lot of her roots from R & B music, I would also suggest you check out the queen of that genre, Aretha Franklin. On a side note, I highly recommend picking up one of the many biographies of this woman, as she has had and continues to have a truly interesting life.

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