Lucy Woodward

"Your closure is just ripping me wide open" -- from Standing

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My Opinions and Recommendations

She is new to the music scene and has had a pop hit, Dumb Girls. I think that she has a really interesting voice though and could go on to be slightly less teeny-bopper. The songs on the album are fairly juvenile but her voice does have a lot of depth and I can see it going places. I like Done and Standing the best.

When I listen to some of Lucy's songs, the first singer that comes to mind is Sheryl Crow. This is a huge compliment to such a young singer whose depth has not developped. But their voices do have a strong resemblance, even if their songs do not. I also think of the 80's princess, Tiffany and her lyrics off of her first album. The same silly songs that don't mean anything to anyone over thirteen or so. She does have an edge though, that Tiffany was lacking early in her career. If this edge is what you are looking to see more of try Avril Lavigne. She is even sharper than Lucy.

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