Lisa Loeb

"You want to dance with the angels?
Well then embroider me with gold, and I will fly with the angels,
And you can dance with me."
- from Dance With the Angels

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Lisa broke it big onto the music seen with a hit from the movie Reality Bites called Stay. I am pretty sure this is still her best hit off of the album Tails (when she was still with the Nine Stories). I also like Waiting for Wednesday and Do You Sleep? off of that album. Her lyrics are unique, although sometimes I am not sure where she is going with them.

For Firecraker Lisa left the Nine Stories behind and went solo. I actually like this album better than Tails, so I guess I am happy she made this move. I love the song Wishing Heart on this album. I also like Truthfully and Falling in Love. This CD seems a little more mainstream than Tails and makes me want to investigate Lisa's other solo albums.

Cake and Pie has a very independent sound except for the single that appeared in the movie Legally Blonde, We Could Still Belong Together. The album has interesting lyrics. I really like Underdog and Too Fast Driving.

If you like Lisa and want to find more quirky, unique artists like her I would suggest that you listen to Chantal Kreviazuk. Chantal is slightly less quirky, but she has an amazing voice that makes up for it. I would also say you should go buy the country singer Deana Carter's albums. Both Deana and Lisa have a simple way of singing that is almost intriguing. Finally, put Heather Nova in your stereo and see how you like her. Heather tends to have a harder sound than Lisa, but still worth listening to if you like this indie folk sound.

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