Lila McCann

"I'd rather risk my heart than never get the chance
To find my way"
- from I Will

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My Opinions and Reommendations

My sister has her first album, with the popular song, I Want to Fall in Love, on it. She also has a great song on the Hope Floats CD called To Get Me to You. She is cute, but if you don't like country, you probably won't like her too much. Fortunately, I get in the mood for country twang and misery every once in a while. Lila's music isn't too sappy, and is still young enough for me to relate to. On her CD Something in the Air, I really like With You and the fun in Rhymes With.

If you are looking for other artists like Lila, try her older version, Trisha Yearwood. Trisha obviously deals with a few more grown up issues, but she also has some great songs like She's In Love With the Boy. Also, try Jennifer Paige. Jennifer is not as country as Lila, but both albums have the same kind of themes running through them. Another young country girl, who is trying to cross over to pop charts, is LeeAnn Rimes. LeeAnn is often more popular, but sometimes, I think Lila is more fun.

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