Leona Naess

"My love is as fierce as the seas
That swells and swallows the space between him
and me"
- from Serenade

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Leona has 2 excellent CDs out that were almost ignored by radio stations. I think that is a shame. Her first album, Comatised, is very good. One of my favorite songs on the CD is Charm Attack, which has made it on to the soundtracks and advertisements of a couple popular movies recently. I also love the tracks Anything and New York Baby. If you haven't heard of her, you should definitely check her out.

Her second CD, I Tried to Rock But You Only Roll, is a little sadder and a little more angry. She keeps her original style and grace throughout though, and for that I still keep her on rotation on my stereo. My favorites on the second CD are the more upbeat songs. Those are Mayor of Your Town and All the Stars. This CD was on listening stations at Borders lately, if you are interested in hearing the CD in full.

Leona's third CD seems a bit more mellow. She sings about love A LOT, but it is still good, although it focuses on the sadder side of love. Her lyrics make you think and her voice can capture you at a very low level. This CD is very soothing. My favorite songs are He's Gone and Calling.

If you have heard of her, and want more, you can check out a few people. Look into Idina Menzel, another almost unknown. Also, listen to Jessica Riddle's CD, Key of a Minor. Jessica, like Leona, has gotten more credit for her music on soundtracks like Ten Things I Hate About You, and not enough for her own album. Finally, check out the slightly less recent, Natalie Imbruglia, who I have heard is also coming out with a new CD this fall.

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