Lava Baby

"If relationships were movies
this is a pornographic
straight to video gem"
- From Hell is Heaven

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My Opinions and Recommendations

I was introduced to this band at a show in NYC. I fell in love with them almost immediately. They have a great pop sound. I was lucky to get their CD for free at the show. My favorite songs on the CD are Right Place and If I Didn't Have You, but the whole CD is pretty good. It is upbeat without having the Britney Spears sound that is so overplayed lately. Although these ladies do not get much radio play, I heard that they are played on Disney Radio. I think their music will only get bigger.

If you are looking for a similar sound, you can check out the Bangles, a great group from the 80s. You should also listen to the Indigo Girls, who are more folk sounding, but still really great. Finally, for a solo act that has the same fun sound, check out Vitamin C. It has the same type of fun, boppy lyrics.

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