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I love Lauryn Hill, I was struck by her voice in the movie Sister Act II, when she sang the gospel song, His Eye is On the Sparrow. I liked her with the Fugees, but I love her on her own. She has the great combination of being beautiful, intelligent, and talented. She also managed to make national headlines by being credited in Newsweek with bringing Hip Hop music to the mainstream. I am highly anticipating her next album. As for The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, I love the hidden track that is the remake of Can't Take My Eyes Off of You. I also love Everything is Everything. I cannot stress enough, though, that you need to listen to and own this album... the entire thing is fantastic.

Finding others who match Lauryn's creativity and style is hard. Check out India Arie for a softer, more gentle sound. Also look into Jill Scott, who is closer to the rap style than India Arie, but still has a smooth quiet style. Finally, check out Alicia Keys, who is probably the closest to Lauryn's hip hop/soul sound for the masses. Keep in mind that it is hard for any artist to match the natural charisma of Lauryn Hill.

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