Kylie Minogue

"There ain't a surgeon like you any place in the world
So now shall I remove my clothes"
- from Fever

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Kylie Minogue is a party girl. All the girls want to go dancing with her and all the guys want to date her. She has the staying power of a true star and I think she will be around for a long time to come. She hit the scene back in the 80s with "Locomotion" and then took a very long hiatus, but her comeback album Fever has some great music on it. My favorite song on the album is Fever, but I also like Dancefloor and Love at First Sight.

Body Language was a great follow up to Fever. Both CDs put you in the mood to go out and dancing. It has great beats and fun lyrics that usually get you singing along. I like the first single, Slow on this album. I also really like Secret (Take You Home). If you haven't listened to Kylie, give her a try, she will most likely make you smile.

If you already love Kylie and you want more artists like her (like me!) then you should back track to when Kylie first hit the scene in the 80s. The Bangles have great beats and fun lyrics, like Kylie. If you want to be a little more modern, try Vitamin C. I don't think Vitamin C is as good as Kylie, but she can stand on her own two feet. Finally, listen to Britney Spears albums In the Zone or Britney. Britney's first two albums don't sound like Kylie at all, they are too cutesy. But Britney's more recent stuff is turning into more dance and less pop.

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