Kelly Clarkson

"Some people wait a lifetime,
For a moment like this
" - From A Moment Like This

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My Opinions and Recommendations

I think Kelly Clarkson is so cute! She just has an appeal that not too many people can deny. Although I have heard some people complain that the songs chosen for her album don't showcase her talent as much as they should, I still really enjoy the CD. Sometimes you are just in the mood to listen to fluff and feel good and this CD is perfect for that! I really like her second single, Low, and her duet with her American Idol partner, Tamara Walker, You Thought Wrong. (C'mon admit, you watched the show!) Give it a try, you can't help but smile.

Kelly's sophmore album, Breakaway, sets her apart slightly from other pop stars. She did not follow the guidelines to a tee, but she did stay on track. This CD contains an amazing live version of Beautiful Disaster. I also really like Since U Been Gone. I think the album shows Kelly is here to stay.

Kelly has an 80s pop sound, which may be why I like her. I am reminded of one of my favorite 80s singers, Tiffany, when I listen to her. She also sounds a lot like LeAnn Rimes now that LeAnn has gone pop. Finally, if you love Kelly and can't wait to hear more like her try the pop princess Mandy Moore. The two have similar styles and ranges and Mandy is really cute too!

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