Katy Rose

"I'll never be a snowflake, and waltz to earth so gently
To form a perfect blanket
For someone else to walk on"
- From Snowflake

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Katy got a lot of hype when she released her first CD. She has been featured on TV shows like Summerland and movies like Mean Girls, and she is hot right now. Katy is NOT a pop princess, she has edge to her. Her debut album is very creative and I like it a lot. My favorite tracks are Glow and Watching the Rain. I think Katy can only get bigger.

If you already dig Katy and you want to hear more girls like her, I would first suggest Liz Phair. She has been on tour with Liz Phair recently (the tour is appropriately called Chicks With Attitude). Both Katy and Liz have very original lyrics and aren't afraid to sing songs that make you think as well as feel. Also, try the band Lillix. Lillix is a little more poppy, but they still maintain some edge. Finally, Katy professes to idolizing Fiona Apple, so try her out and see if she suits your liking.

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