Katie Melua

"When my man's no longer hot
I'm gonna bring him a vodka shot
" - from Mockingbird Song

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Katie has a smooth and sultry voice. In a word, it is amazing. She can calm me down in almost any atmosphere or situation. My favorite songs on the album are Blame It On the Moon and I Think It's Going to Rain Today. She is not very well known as of yet, but she is supposed to be gaining a following in London. She sings a lot about love and heartbreak, and things everyone can relate to, but the songs sound (and sometimes are) old in a way that makes them immediate classics.

She has a jazz sound, so first off, I would recommend the well-established jazz singer, Diana Krall. Diana's voice is slightly raspier, to Katie's clear tone, but both women are fantastic. If you are looking for a more modern sound try out Jen Chapin. Both Katie and Jen have voices that can capture your attention within a few bars. Finally, try Mandy Moore. I think the reason I associate the two is because Katie often has a Broadway sound, similar to Mandy.

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