Julie Roberts

"You make it all look impressive,
Yeah you put on quite a show
But you got one little problem, baby
You ain't down home"
- From You Ain't Down Home

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Julie has a great country sound and a voice that would be sure to cross over to the pop world if she wanted to. Her first album is mainly country based. She sings about heartbreak and love in most of her songs. I really like Just Cause We Can and No Way Out. Both of those are about the happy sides of love, but she seems to have plenty of heartbreak too.

If you like Julie and want to hear more artists like her, the obvious choice is Faith Hill. Julie's vocal abilities match Faith's and both have the cross-over potential. If you are tired of country, listen to the Reality TV Queen, Jessica Simpson. Julie and Jessica both have very strong voices that resonate for some time after you listen to their songs. Finally, listen to the less well known, all country, Chely Wright.

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