Joss Stone

"A car this fine don't pass your way everyday
Don't cha wanna ride baby?"
- from Don't Cha Wanna Ride

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My Opinions and Recommendations

I love this girl! Her voice is truly amazing and I think she could sing any kind of music and I would listen. She has chosen to sing soul music and she does it fabulously. Do NOT be fooled by this girl's youthful face and race, she can match up to and surpass many other soul singers. Her first album consists entirely of cover songs. I think this was a smart choice because it put her on the map and she sings some versions of songs that I like better than the originals. My favorite songs on the album are All the King's Horses and Super Duper Love (Are You Digging on Me). Her second album has original songs on it and it is just as great. You just have to listen a little longer to be able to sing along. My favorite songs on this album are Spoiled (which is even better live) and Jet Lag.

Joss' voice is hard to compare to because it is so strong. But, if you like her music I would suggest Alicia Keys. The tone in both ladies' voices is similar and strong. Also, try the well established Tina Turner. Finally, listen to Beth Hart, who has more of a rock style, but can wail just as well as Joss.

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