Jonatha Brooke

"You saw me through the keyhole of a door that I kept locked
But I'd decorate the threshold just in case you knocked"
- From Linger

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Jonatha has not gained a lot of mainstream popularity, but she still has quite a following. She blends a combination of folk and rock to create a very unique sound. I really like her album Steady Pull, although she others that I would love to listen to. My favorite song on the album is I'll Take It From Here, which is a very take charge song. I also really like the lyrics she uses in Linger because she manages to describe love in such an original yet accurate way.

I would recommend Ani DiFranco to someone who was looking for a sound similar to Jonatha's. Both women have created a following despite not being played on mainstream radio. I have seen both women in concert and they share a similar energy. If you want something more poppy, or mainstream, try Lucy Woodward. Lucy's lyrics aren't as thought provoking, but her voice has a tone similar to Jonatha's.

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