"I am drifting without an anchor
Through your ambiguous region
A strange continent immune to all reason
And I'm flattered by your grey matter"
- from Grey Matter

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Jewel has a beautiful voice, although she can occasionally be overplayed. I recently bought her first album for half-price and have listened to it a little. I find a lot of the songs are a little sappy, like she is trying to make a political statement and is being too obvious about it. But I really like Morning Song, which has no political messages and one of her big hits, You Were Meant for Me. If you are going to try Jewel for the first time though, this is not the CD I recommend that you buy.

Her second album was not as overplayed as the first, and I think it has better material. The CD, Spirit, has some classic ballads that fit what was going on in my life perfectly. I really like Jupiter and Kiss the Flame. I also should say that I very much dislike Fat Boy and wish I could erase it from my CD.

Jewel began to come out of her folk shell more in her third CD. It has a slightly more pop sound and she puts a lot of country twang into several of the songs. My favorites on this album are it's title track, This Way and Sometimes It Be That Way, which might be a cover, it sounds a lot like a Bob Dylan song, but I haven't looked into that. This CD is a perfect transition to Jewel's fourth album which really carries her fully into the pop world.

In Jewel's most recent CD she joins the pop world by adding a lot of beat and sound to her voice. The album makes a lot of statements about the superficial side of our society. It is still a fairly danceable album, which cannot be said about Jewel's other records. My favorites on this album are 2 Find U and Doin' Fine.

After Jewel became popular (and overplayed) many artists evolved that tried to be like her, but few succeeded. You should try listening to Sarah Harmer, who is not very well known. Another unknown who shares some sound and style with Jewel is Tara MacLean. Also, check out Chantal Kreviazuk, who has a very folky, quiet sound. Finally, check out the older, and very well-known, Joni Mitchell. I think Jewel has a very old style and many of the 70s women that braved their way into the business.

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