Jessica Simpson

"I'm the lover of a soul
Deep inside this man that I know
" -- from My Way Home

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My Opinions and Recommendations

This Newlywed is so cute! I really like that she is not afraid to be herself (even if that does mean she comes off looking a little ditzy at times.) I have two of her albums, but I will likely buy more. She has a dynamic voice and talent that probably will carry her farther than many other pop-princesses out today. On the CD Irresistible, I love the song What's It Gonna Be. It just takes be back to the 5th grade and it is so poppy and happy that you can't help but sing along. I also really like Imagination.

Sweet Kisses is an album chock-full of love ballads. There are a couple upbeat pop tunes, including I Think I'm In Love With You, which samples from John Cougar Melloncamp's Jack and Diane. I also like Final Heartbreak. If I was forced to choose my favorite ballad, it would be My Wonderful. As an added bonus, this album contains a duet with her husband, Nick Lachey (Where You Are) as well as a duet with the girl group Destiny's Child (Woman In Me).

Her most recent album, In This Skin, really showcases Mrs. Lachey's range and talent. She went beyond the pop sound in many of the tracks. I still really like the pop sound that comes through in her second single off the album, With You. The message in In This Skin is a little cheezy to my 25 year old self, but it is an important message to get out to the many girls that make up the majority of her fan base, and I still sing along to this one too!

If you already know Jessica's music and you are looking for other artists like her you should start with Mandy Moore. Both Mandy and Jessica came out at the same time, and I have to admit that at first, I couldn't tell the difference between them. Since then both ladies have gone their separate ways and developped slightly different sounds. Also, you could kick it old school and listen to the pop-princess of the 80s, Debbie Gibson (who now goes by Deborah). Some of Jessica's songs take be back to Debbie's Out of the Blue days. Finally, go Country with Shania Twain. Shania has crossed over to the pop world, but both she and Jessica sing about love and other happy topics.

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