Jessica Riddle

"I know I can't run the world,
'Cause I can't even decide what
To make for dinner."
- From I'm Sorry

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My Opinons and Recommendations

Jessica's fame has come mainly through soundtracks and small time shows. Despite this, she has a beautiful voice and sound, with soft, pop lyrics that can be enjoyed by anyone. Her debut album, Even Angels Fall, has a great sound. My favorite songs on the album are Symphony, which is set to the tune of Mr. Big Stuff, and Your Girl. The album also has some really smart lyrics that any feminist would love, especially in the track I'm Sorry.

If you are looking for artists with a similar sound to Jessica, you should check out Vonda Shepard, who has been featured on Ally McBeal constantly. Also try Dido, who is featured on the WB show Roswell. It seems that a lot of television shows and movies are looking for sounds similar to Jessica's. Lastly, try Faith Hill's more recent CDs. Since Faith has made the crossover to pop, her sound has become very similar to Jessica Riddle's.

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