Jessica Andrews

"It ain't always laughs and smiles
But the carousel just ain't our style
The roller coaster suits us fine
Boy the ups and downs liven up the ride"
- From Wishing Well

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Jessica has a great sound that mixes pop and country with the best of them. I really like the song the album is titled after, Who I Am. It is inspirational, and a little corny, but sometimes you need corn to feel better. I find that I get the song Karma stuck in my head a lot. It makes me feel better to sing it when some stranger has just acted inappropriately. All in all, the CD is a great pick-me-up when I am not into something too deep or involved.

Her latest CD, Now, is definitely keeping with her country roots. She has some great songs on it like There's More to Me Than You. I also really like a Second Sunday for those days when I feel my weekend is not long enough. Jessica doesn't do anything majorly different on this album, but she doesn't need to, as her sound seems to be working wonderfully for her.

Jessica is preparing to be one of the great country crossovers like Faith Hill. They both mix their sounds excellently and have similar lyircs, too. She sounds a little like a less well known country singer, Chely Wright. Both of these women have similar, simple lyrics with important messages. If you are looking for less country and more pop you should try Jessica Riddle. This Jessica has some happy lyrics but most importantly, they are just as singable as Ms. Andrews.

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