Jennifer Paige

"These fantasies they blow my way
Like sirens to a fool"
- from Always You

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My Opinions and Recommendations

You remember her. She had one big hit, Crush, and then disappeared. I bought the album and was slightly disappointed. I thought Crush was the best song, and I hate when that happens. She disappeared for awhile, but I think I saw a new CD of hers in stores recently. I would be anxious to listen to it on a listening station, but not so quick to purchase, this time. I would hope that the new album has more edge than the last one.

Jennifer has a very pop sound. I would recommend Britney Spears, but Britney definitely has a longer shelf life. I would also suggest Vonda Shepard, she is sort of slower, but she has the same relaxing sound, but a little less beat. Lastly, check out Tara MacLean. Both of these ladies have potential for better things, they haven't quite reached their peak yet.

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