Jen Chapin

"What muffled meaning does it hold
To be told that your story is not the only one?"
- From Regular Life

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Jen is the daughter of Harry Chapin. Her voice is amazing and can capture your attention very quickly. Her lyrics are thought provoking. Most of the songs off of her album Linger remind me of New York City and its wonderful continuity and disruptiveness. The album is very relaxing to listen to. My favorite songs on the album are Little Hours and 'Til I Get There.

If you already like Jen and want to hear more like her, right off, I recommend Idina Menzel. Idina has one a Tony, but her tone reminds me a lot of Jen's tone. I would also recommend the music staple, Carole King. Both of these women share an amazing sound. Finally, listen to Sarah Harmer. Sarah has a little more of an independent sound, but there is a definite similarity.

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