Janis Joplin

"Don't you know when you're loving anybody, baby,
You're taking a gamble on a little sorrow,
But then who cares, baby,
Cause we may not be here tomorrow, no"
- From Get It While You Can

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Janis is the first lady of women in rock. She lived a wild and crazy life and you can hear all of her scars and battles in her voice. She is amazing, and if you haven't ever listened to her, I urge you to pick up a CD and give it a try. I promise that you will not be disappointed. I have her Greatest Hits CD, and I need to get more. Off the Greatest Hits, the best of the best are Me and Bobby McGee and Mercedes Benz.

If you are already a fan of Janis, and you want to hear more like her, it is hard to compare. There are a few that may be worthy. Beth Hart is able to rock with her voice in a way that comes close to Janis'. Beth once played Janis in a musical about Janis' life. Secondly, my mother once said that she thinks that LeAnn Rimes does a version of Bobby McGee that comes close (although still doesn't hit the mark) to what Janis did with that song. Finally, you should try a classic of a different genre (but just as legendary), Aretha Franklin. It is hard to compare to the amazing sound that Janis produced.

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