Idina Menzel

"She will never learn your tranquillity
She will never learn how to let things slide
Her joy overwhelms her and
Her sorrow won't subside"
- From Heart on My Sleeve

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My Opinions and Recommendations

I love Idina's first CD, Still I Can't Be Still. I never understood why radio stations never picked it up. I think it is original and creative. I have seen her live twice recently at Joe's Pub, and her songs and voice are still great. I cannot wait until she comes out with another CD. She is known mainly for her role as the original "Maureen" in Broadway's popular musical Rent, but I think she should be known for this CD, which is still in constant rotation in my stereo. My favorites on the CD are Minuet, and Heart on My Sleeve. But the CD goes from a rap sound to rock to slow and mellow, so you should be sure to listen to the whole thing before making a judgement.

Her second CD is much more mellow and I only have one complaint... it should be longer! As far as I know, this CD is only available in the lobby of her current Broadway show, Wicked. It is a great collection of songs. My favorites are Here and You'd Be Suprised. I saw Idina play at Joe's Pub about a year ago and she sang I song that I loved called It Only Hurts When I Breathe and I was disappointed that it was not on the CD, but I guess that means she has to come out with a 3rd album! Go listen to her music, it is wonderful.

I think that Idina's music has a range and variation similar to that of the diva Madonna. Both women cover many different types of sounds. Although it is probably too early to be putting Idina on equal footing with the Queen of the industry, especially because Idina has only released one CD. If you like Idina's sound, you should also check out Leona Naess - Comatised. She is on the same level of unknown as Idina, as both have only had singles appear on random soundtrack albums. Finally, check out the older, Natalie Imbruglia, who came out with one fairly popular album a few years ago and then disappeared off the charts. I just hope that Idina doesn't share this fate with Natalie.


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