Heather Nova

"Your eyes go straight to my soul, I know this is good
It goes deep like I know it should" -
From When Somebody Turns You On

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My Opinions and Recommendations

Oyster is a very interesting album. It mixes folk and rock in a way that is not done by many artists. It has a very sad and angry tone throughout, which is very different from South. Listening to this album makes me want to see Heather Nova live. My favorite songs on the album are Light Years and Maybe an Angel.

I think that Siren is my favorite album of Heather's. In many of the songs she seems to sound happy and sings about love. I absolutely love the song London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do), in fact, it is the reason I bought the CD. But, after listening, I have also fallen in love with Widescreen and Heart and Shoulder. The whole album is definetly worth listening through though.

South is a wonderful CD. I really identify with a lot of the feelings and thoughts that weave throughout the album. It is slightly happier, and has less of a rock sound than Oyster. This allows Heather's beautiful voice to really be heard. I like Virus of the Mind and Gloomy Sunday the best. I really, though, that you should listen to the whole CD through to hear the whole story that is being told throughout.

If you are looking for more artists that sound like Heather Nova you should try Tori Amos. Tori's music is more abstract than Heather's, but the folk/rock sound is very similar. Heather's voice is also very similar to the wonderful Joni Mitchell, with a slightly more modern approach. Finally, try Johnatha Brooke or Fiona Apple. Johnatha's album Steady Pull has a great folk sound similar to Heather's. Fiona is more angry than Heather, but both artists mix speaking with song in a really interesting way.

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