Gwen Stefani

"Look at your watch now
You're still a super hot female"
- from What You Waiting For

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My Opinions and Recommendations

This album was, without a doubt, one of my favorite albums of 2004. I love every song on it and I almost never get tired of hearing it despite the song's repetitive nature. It is a dance album, so it is great to pop in when you are trying to get moving or working out. My favorite song on the CD is Bubble Pop Electric, followed closely by The Real Thing, but I love all of the songs and I can't wait to see what this girl does solo next.

I wish there were more great dance artists like Gwen. She manages to mix dance and pop perfectly in her debut album. If you are looking for similar sounds, try Hilary Duff. Hilary started off slow, but her more recent music shows potential. Also, listen to the newly arrived M.I.A. This group is more dance and less pop, but the sound makes you move and is as interesting, if not more interesting than Gwen's album. Finally, go old school and put Paula Abdul's Forever Your Girl in your stereo. I know it is retro, but Paula can always make me dance!

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